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Medical worker Testimonial
From "billed" to "paid." In record time.

We make "understanding medical bills" easier for patients — and "getting paid" faster for you. In fact, an average of 18 days faster.**

Your patients get the details of their bills in non-technical terms. They know what they're paying for—and why. So they're more likely to pay their bills sooner.
Your patients have the 24/7 convenience of fully protected online payments. And you process fewer paper checks.
You can easily auto-post online payments into your Practice Management Software—or click "print" and post them manually. Done.

It's all from a company you trust.

From the makers of

TurboTax Quicken QuickBooks

It works with...

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And putting it to work couldn't be easier. We'll handle copying the data from your practice management software into our system to facilitate automatic electronic billing notification. We'll also work with you to set up your credit card merchant account so you can accept online patient payments and manage online payment processing. Without having to spend hours choosing a merchant account service provider, setting up an online bill pay service, configuring, trouble-shooting (or wondering why you didn't just stick with the old way).

So if you're looking for a way to speed up patient payments for your practice, electronic bill payment is one smart strategy. And Intuit Health Bill Pay is one smart solution.

*Works with Allscripts Professional PM Version 2008.3 and higher.

**Based on data from practices participating in pilot program from October 2008 to June 2009.

Intuit Health Bill Pay

You already count on Allscripts for easier practice management. Now you can leverage your PM to make faster patient payments a reality for your practice, with Intuit Health Bill Pay (formerly called Quicken Health Bill Pay).

This is more than a medical payment solution; it's a revolutionary new tool that works directly with your practice management software, so you can offer your patients the convenience of electronic billing notification and online bill payment.

Designed to work seamlessly with Allscripts Professional PM*, Intuit Health Bill Pay enables you to accept credit cards online, handle credit card processing online—even choose auto posting directly into your practice management system.