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More efficiency (for less than you think).


Why should we enroll in Intuit Health Bill Pay?
It's designed to speed up patient payments.

Intuit Health Bill Pay was developed as a result of extensive research, which shows that patients generally:

  • Don't understand their medical bills (and aren't sure they're right)
  • Have no idea why they're expected to pay
  • Wonder why it takes so long for medical bills to arrive
  • Would pay more quickly, if it were just easier.
You'll spend less time on billing.

You can provide your patients with full, easy-to-understand explanations—of the services you provide, the costs, their health plan's involvement and their personal responsibility. So you can spend less time on the phone and more time getting things done.

Your payments will be posted faster (and more accurately).

Intuit Health Bill Pay works with your current billing workflow. It includes all the remittance data you need, and allows you to auto-post in seconds. The net/net: Fewer credit card payments by phone. Less time posting payments to your PMS. Better record-keeping all around.

How, exactly, does Intuit Health Bill Pay speed up payments?

It's a fact: When patients know what they're paying for — and why — payments are made faster. Intuit Health Bill Pay gives your patients the detailed explanations they need and immediate online payment options. No waiting for paper bills.

What is Intuit Health Bill Pay?

Intuit Health Bill Pay translates complex medical codes to everyday language. Your patients get a better, easy-to-understand medical bill and can pay you online. Intuit Health Bill Pay fully integrates with your PM so you can accept and post payments in (literally) seconds.

What's the connection between Intuit Patient Payments and Intuit Health Bill Pay

What you will see is called Intuit Patient Payments. What your patients will see is called Intuit Health Bill Pay. These are two different systems, but they're designed to work together.

Patients use Intuit Health Bill Pay to view their bill, get full explanations of all services, understand what they're expected to pay (and why) — and of course, pay you. All online.

You use Intuit Patient Payments to track and post payments and manage your account.

Can all our patients pay us using this service?

Yes. All they need is access to a computer and an Internet connection, and a debit/credit/FSA/HSA card.

Where does the billing information come from?

The billing information comes directly from your PMS.

Intuit Health and your PM company have worked together to create a simple process that allows data to be automatically copied each night from your PM and securely transmitted to Intuit Health. Setting up this process takes only a few hours of your time. (After that, it takes none of your time.)

What do our patients see? How do they get their bills?

Patients see online bills that match the balances and transactions in your PMS — explained in clear, simple language. And you can see the exact same thing they do.

If you have your patients' email addresses, "you have a bill" emails will be sent automatically on your behalf, customized with your practice's name, address and contact information.

But even if you don't have patient email addresses, your patients can still view and pay their bills securely online at www.IntuitHealthBillPay.com.

How do our patients hear about this new way to pay?

A huge part of the Intuit Health commitment is to make things easier for you. So we've created a variety of materials (like posters, brochures and stickers for your paper bills) you use to introduce your patients to the new service, explain how it works—and encourage them to use it.

How is this better than patients paying us through their bank's online bill pay?

For one thing, your patients' banks will never be able to explain the details of the services you provide—which is half the battle. Next, your bills will go directly from you to your patients (which saves time). Then, when your patients pay you directly online, you don't have to deal with paper checks. The money ends up in your account sooner. And you get your autopost remittance data — well…automatically.

Can Intuit Health Bill Pay help us reduce bad debt?

In a 2009 study by Metavante Corporation, collection rates among medical professionals are about as poor as they get. According to the study, "industry bad debt is widely gauged at approximately 50%." Meanwhile, practices like yours are asked to collect more and more from patients every year.

Intuit Patient Payments can make those collections easier, more efficient—and more effective for your practice.

Is Intuit Health Bill Pay HIPAA compliant?

As you'd expect, Intuit Health uses the HIPAA Privacy and Security rules to guide our policies and procedures. Also no surprise: They're audited and verified by independent third parties.


What if I don't have email addresses for my patients?

No problem. Just direct your patients to www.IntuitHealthBillPay.com to make their first online payment. We'll capture their email address as part of the process, and they will receive automatic email alerts for future bills.

How do we post payments? Can we auto-post into our current system?

You can export the remittance data into a file and import it into your current system for auto-posting. Or if you prefer, you can also print out the payment information in seconds and post at your convenience.

What does our practice need to do to get up and running?

Enrollment is fast, easy and—for a limited time—free*. You'll also be glad to know there's no new hardware for you to buy or install.

To get started, you'll need to verify that your PM will work with Intuit Health Bill Pay.

Next, establish your account by completing an online enrollment form.

Once you've submitted your form, we'll send you your Easy Set-Up Guide (which actually is easy to use) and information you can give to your patients to tell them about your new payment option.

Intuit Health's Practice Implementation Analyst will contact you, initiate the data transfer from your PM to our system—and guide you along the way.

Throughout the entire process, your PMS will continue to work exactly the same way it always has.

From enrollment to "really working," the process generally takes 7 - 10 days.

*Offer available for a limited time only.

How hard is it for our billing manager to use?

Intuit Health Bill Pay comes to you from Intuit, makers of consumer products that are renowned for being easy to understand and easy to use. Learning to use it usually takes 20-30 minutes.

If we have a question or problem how can we get help?

Our free merchant account support is available by phone at 877-468-3992 Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm Pacific Time.

Answers to any other questions you may have are available 24/7 at http://support.patientpayments.healthcare.intuit.com.

Do we need a website?

No. But since Intuit Health Bill Pay comes to you from one of the best small business resources in the world, you may want to see how we can help you get a web site up and running, quickly and easily.

How does this work with our existing website?

We'll provide you with easy-to-use electronic content and information you can have incorporated into your website to tell your patients about your payment options—and enable them to go directly to Intuit Health Bill Pay from your website.


How does this work with our Practice Management System?

Every night, data is automatically copied into Intuit Health Bill Pay—and patient billing information is automatically viewable.

Whenever your patients have a bill with a balance due, an email notification is automatically sent to them. (Unless you don't have their email address in your PMS. In that case, they'll only see their paper bill).

They then have the option to use Intuit Health Bill Pay to view their bill, get full explanations of all services, understand what they're expected to pay (and why) — and of course, pay you. All online. To see how everything works together, click here.

What Practice Management Systems are supported?

Right now, Intuit Health Bill Pay works with Allscripts™ Professional PM Version 2008.3 and higher. Relationships with other systems are in development; if you'd like to hear about it when new systems are available, just click here.

What if we don't have a supported Practice Management System?

We're working on developing Intuit Health Bill Pay for a number of Practice Management Systems. To be sure you're notified when Intuit Health Bill Pay is ready for your PM, click here.


Can we get Point-Of-Sale / other payment services?

Yes. And, since not all POS systems are equal, we encourage you to evaluate your needs and determine which solution is best for your practice. Simply visit payments.intuit.com to explore the options you have available to you.

When will we receive payments from our patients?

With Intuit Health Bill Pay, it usually takes 2-3 business days from the time your patient makes the payment until you receive it in your bank account. But there's no guesswork: When a payment has been made, you'll get an email alert.

Can we keep our existing bank account?

Yes—you can have your credit card payments deposited into any United States-based business bank account that accepts electronic funds transfers (EFT).

We already have a merchant account. Why do we need another one?

Intuit Health Bill Pay is significantly more than a merchant account. It provides a service that actually helps your patients understand their medical expenses—and gives them a convenient online bill pay option. Because the sooner patients understand what they're paying for, the sooner they pay their bills.

Can patients pay with e-checks?

No, we do not offer this option currently. However, patients can pay from their checking account by using a debit card.


How much does the service cost?

Allscripts users, please call your sales representative for pricing. Using a different PMS? Click here.

Do we need to pay our current merchant account, too?

No. When you accept an electronic payment, you pay only for the service provider who processes the transaction.

Important note: When your patients are paying through Intuit Health Bill Pay, the transaction can only be processed through Intuit Health. This will require a separate merchant account from any you may already have.


What information is needed when we enroll?

You'll need the following:

  • Business information (Federal Tax ID, physical business mailing address)
  • Owner/principal information (contact and identifying information)
  • Bank account information

Got everything? Click here to enroll now.

How long does the application/approval process take?

Once your enrollment form is submitted, our underwriting department will review it. (They're very thorough people.) In most cases, you'll receive an email about your application within two business days at the most.

We might ask you for a little additional information; once you supply it, we'll get a decision back to you within one to five business days.